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New Book Release

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Activating the Medicine Wheel of the Energetic Moon Cycles of Truth gives birth to the lessons of developing human potential by claiming the gifts that aide the whole creation.  When we unify in Ceremony with the collective intention to bring balance and healing to humanity and the Earth, we awaken the Prophecy and Global Dream for World Peace by co-creating an Atmosphere of Love and co-operation; to “Make the Earth Green again”.
 You will learn Ceremonies and Meditations for each of the Earth’s Four Seasons; Equinox and Solstice Ceremonies. Wesak Festival of Lights, Water Blessings, International Day of Peace, Shamanic Healing and Sacred Pipe. And the Earth Astrology sacred truth lessons for each of the 13 Moon cycles of Transformation and Survival. And the Plant, Animal and Mineral for each Moon Cycle.  You will find your unique gifts and potential as you learn about yourself on the medicine wheel.

Friday, April 20, 2018

SHAMAN'S DRUM Introduction

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Shaman's Drum: Caroline Dawley: 9781985663329: Amazon.com ...

Authored by Caroline Dawley available on Amazon books. 


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Heal the Root cause of Trauma, Anxiety, PTSD, Feelings of Abandonment, Feeling Lost
Reclaim your Lost Soul and Integrate with the Light, Freeing you to find Life’s Meaning
Learn to work with the Oneness of life; with Source, Spirit Animals, Guides, and Allies
Become One with the Oneness of Humanity and Higher Consciousness of Love
Go inside, into the Light, find your Passion for Life and share this with the World.

Thank you, Caroline

“As we heal ourselves we heal our family.
As we heal our family we heal the community. 
As we heal the community we heal the Nation.
As we heal the nation we heal the world”. 
Algonquin Medicine Song:
“HeYa HeYa HeYa Ho, HeYa HeYa Ho,
HeYa HeYa HeYa Ho, HeYa HeYa Ho.
HeYa HeYa HeYa Ho, HeYa HeYa Ho,
HeYa HeYa HeYa Ho, HeYa HeYa Ho
MeGwich MeGwich MeGwich MeGwich,
MeGuich MeGuich MeGuich.”.
Algonquin Prayer and statement to the United Nations General Assembly for the healing of MAN AND the Earth. 1993, U.N. First Peoples Prophecies, “Cry of the Earth” SUMMIT As received from William Commanda.


This book is an inspired work to illuminate the Ancient Practice of Shamanism to bring clarity and understanding of its Power to heal in our contemporary world. During Soul Retrieval, you Journey to the sound of the Drum to view your Shadow self and integrate with your Soul Light in the Heart of the world where you find your life purpose. Worlds open as you leave ordinary reality and journey to spiritual realms, embracing the Light; discovering your gifts, power animals, and destiny.

During Shamanic Healing, the Shaman seeks to clear your emotional body, mental body, and in your physical body; as you integrate all three, you become one with your Soul.  Soul Retrieval is the Journey to retrieve fragments of your lost Soul caused by Trauma. Traumatic events from the past live in the body as blocked energy, unaddressed emotional trauma lives in our cells as cell memory and predispose our bodies to illness or dis-ease.  

During the Soul Retrieval, the trauma and resulting dis-ease caused from it are healed. Shaman’s have Vision and can see beyond ordinary life, Creating Sacred Space, they guide you on a Journey into the Heart; illuminating the Shadow with healing Light, you are changed by the experience as you receive healing, your spiritual gifts, and integrate with your Soul.  You are set free to begin the Hero’s Journey to your Destiny.

Healing happens when trauma is identified, the shadow illuminated; opening windows of consciousness that allow you to Journey beyond the illusion of separation and the veils that have kept you in isolation.  When the first three circles of relationship are sound, you are then able to connect to Spirit in all life forms.  Worlds of consciousness are opened as you journey to your destiny as eternal souls.

The Soul Retrieval Journey connects you with your higher mind, with the Light, where you raise awareness and release patterns that keep you bound in lower vibrational patterns of dysfunction and illness. You create your reality with your thoughts.  Shamanic healing offers mental, emotional, and body clearing through illuminating your mind with Truth, freeing you from limiting points of view and expanding awareness of the Whole.  Shamans help you raise the frequency of the inner Light, becoming One with your Soul, you integrate Mind, Body, and Spirit.  You now realize your Divine Self.
Available on Amazon books.

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Childhood Trauma and Chronic Adversity leads to Chronic Illness

In my Shamanism Practice, we are having amazing results by identifying the root cause of the Trauma that causes the illness.  Once you see the Shadow and understand it, you can bring it into the light and Transmute  and heal the wound;  You can find your Joy, your passion for life and share this with the world.
Shamanic energy healing is a powerful module for transfiguration on a cellular level. I will place you in an energy cocoon where you will metamorphose into a new body, heart, and mind. Rising up into your spiritual body, you are reborn like the butterfly emerging, you will become one with your soul,  Lightbody. .to make an appt. with Caroline Dawley please call 727-738-0223 lv. a message. or email me at pathwayofpeace@yahoo.com.    I am sharing  Irene Lyon's article on Chronic Illness caused by early childhood trauma.
Trauma in Early Childhood and how it leads to Chroic Illness. -- by Irene Lyon
It goes without saying that chronic illness is all too common these days :(
 chronic illness:
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic pain
  • Digestive problems like IBS, Crohn’s
  • Migraine headache
  • Depression, anxiety
  • Sleep troubles
To answer these questions, I recorded a video that’ll give you some ESSENTIAL info if you live with one or more of these ailments (they usually cluster, so it’s possible a few of those plague you), or if you help others who have these debilitating conditions.
In this short video, I teach you:
  • What the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system is (and how they are different).
  • What a ‘syndrome’ is, and why these things pop up when the “gas and brake are both on” in the nervous system.
  • How the research is pointing to childhood trauma and adversity as THE main culprit for most, if not all chronic illness and disease.
Here's to bringing more awareness to this issue!

PS Chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, chronic digestive problems, autoimmune illness, migraine headaches and other debilitating symptoms such as anxiety and insomnia are just this: symptoms of an underlying issue. The research out there is pointing to nervous system dysregulation (the autonomic nervous system being out of whack) as the main culprit. If you’re in this boat, or your clients are, definitely watch this video HERE.
 How Stress, Trauma and Adversity Early in Life Impacts our Capacity to Heal.
Now it’s time, I believe, to wake up to this reality that’s all around us and do something about it.

For example, here’s a partial list of disease that researchers at the Center for Disease Control suspect to be affected by the barrage of fear and threat dosed out to young children and infants via abuse, early trauma and adversity*:

  • Type 2 diabetes

  • Crohn’s disease

  • Hypertension

  • Irritable bowel syndrome

  • Cardiovascular disease

  • Morbid obesity

  • Osteoarthritis

  • Anxiety and depression

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Chronic fatigue syndrome

  • Chronic pain syndrome

  • Addiction to drugs, alcohol and nicotine

  • Cushing’s syndrome

  • Anorexia nervosa

  • Osteoporosis

  • Ulcerative colitis

  • Susceptibility to forms of cancer (including breast and melanoma)

Metaphorically speaking, the early adverse traumatic experiences are the infection.

Chronic, toxic stress to a child’s survival and safety is the root cause, and the chronic illnesses, listed above, are the by-product, the symptoms.

At this point in our world, this is NOT common knowledge.

The ships haven’t sent out the signal yet. And while this is known in some circles, not everyone understands it, and a lot of people don’t know how to treat it.

The good news is that there is an antibiotic equivalent to recovering and healing from these illnesses that are caused by early adversity and toxic stress, and that medicine is 100% natural and already lives in our bodies, but we have not been taught how to access it, or even know that it exists.

But, if you’d like to know more right now, keep reading.

Here are the basics.

What defines an early adversity, trauma, or adverse experience?

It’s common for people to dismiss the word “trauma” because they don’t classify themselves as being “traumatized.” We tend to associate trauma with returning army soldiers or survivors of physical or sexual abuse.

And while those do constitute traumatic experiences, there are also insidious and tricky-to-pinpoint toxic stressors that put a person into a trauma response leaving them unwell to the point of complex post-traumatic stress disorders (PTSD).

Here are some common situations that can create PTSD symptoms that are just as severe as what a soldier might experience after returning from combat:

  • Early surgical procedures and/or being hospitalized and pinned down for treatment.

  • Premature birth wherein the baby is in isolation and in an incubator.

  • Parents who are not well and not able to provide the appropriate care for a growing infant and child.

  • Lack of safety in the home life (abuse and neglect of all kinds, not enough food, shelter, being left alone for long periods of time).

  • Chronic suppression of emotions and the classic “children should be seen and not heard” motto.

  • High expectations placed upon a child such that they feel ashamed of their (lack of) ability.

  • School bullying, being ridiculed.

This list is by no means complete, but gives a spectrum of situations that put a child into a significant state of high stress that matches near death experiences.

How early stress impacts our capacity to heal

Let’s keep this simple.

When we are not safe, or put into a stressful situation, or are rendered helpless and unable to fight or flee a terrible environment, the body’s autonomic nervous system goes into a natural and automatic protective response.

It’ll first mount a stress response to fight and/or flee. But, if that can’t happen successfully, as is the case with so many children who are subjected to abusive and neglectful parenting practices, they will go into the next stage: shutdown, also known as freeze, which numbs the body. It’s nature’s way of protecting you from feeling terrible pain.

Babies pose an interesting conundrum. Their way of showing a stress response, this fight/flight survival physiology, is via crying. This spectrum is broad and can be anywhere from that fussy baby that shows signs of distress in the creases of her forehead and pursed lips refusing the morning porridge, all the way to the deafening cries of an impossible to console infant who is tightening up his diaphragm and gut making his internal world tighter and tighter and more unbearable to feel, which only ignites more crying and more grief.

Anywhere along this spectrum this baby is in some form of survival response and they are saying to us: “Hey something’s not right, I need help.”

We aren’t hardwired to self-soothe. We need to learn how.

We have to understand that human babies, unlike a calf or fawn, don’t come into the world with built-in self-soothing mechanisms. They must be taught. It’s the job of the adult caregiver to teach the baby how to self-soothe and regulate the stressors they feel from the external world and the internal environment of their bodily sensations, which are all new to them.

When a little one fusses and they are ignored, or they are left alone in a crib to “cry it out,” the patterns of poor health and nervous system dysregulation begin. Usually, this happens out of innocent ignorance because the parent just isn’t informed and doesn’t understand that this little being is unable to soothe themselves on their own. They don’t understand that this is not the time to “teach an important life lesson.” A stressed out infant may also be left alone in full fight/flight mode because the parent themselves doesn’t have their own healthy physiological regulation online to handle the stress in a calm manner.**

So, when a baby does not get the right kind of coaching from their caregiver on how to come down and out of this fight/flight survival response, the biological (survival) default is to freeze. This shut down response happens because at this fragile age the infant cannot voice their frustration with words and tell the parent what’s going on; nor can they flee the scene, hit or kick.

Their physiology “saves” them from feeling all the terrible distress, but this also ingrains a deep pattern in the nervous system that in times of stress the best thing to do is shut down. This is the epitome of helplessness.

Enter the stress chemical cortisol

This kind of pattern (typically) doesn’t just happen once. It’s something that infuses the lives of many and over time, this constant high energy fight/flight survival energy, followed by shutdown means that the body will get real good at pumping out the stress chemical cortisol.

Cortisol when secreted excessively, wreaks havoc on the body’s cells and organs. It weakens the immune system, promotes inflammation and is toxic to the brain – just to name a few adverse effects.

This cycle of high stress, shutdown (freeze) and secretion of excess stress chemicals puts massive strain on the human and is what is thought to be the culprit behind early childhood adversity and the preponderance of chronic illnesses that are tough to treat later in life.

Simply put – early low level chronic stress sucks the life energy out of a human being. It leaves them frayed and broken with little to no reserve for wound healing, self-confidence and vitality.

Time does not heal these wounds and the quick fix will fail

What sucks is that when a person fits this description of chronically ill, they’re desperate for anything that will give them relief from their pain.

More often than not, I’ve found that many people who are chronically ill may experience some relief via lifestyle change and countless behaviour modifications, similar to the idea of that headache lessening in my bacterial infection analogy via some aspirin. The reality is a lot of these people are still searching for complete relief. They can tell they haven’t got to the root of the issues: that lurking toxic trauma is still residing in the nervous system not allowing them to fully thrive because they are living in survival mode.

But, just like those who didn’t understand what bacterial infections were, or, who didn’t have access to antibiotics, these people aren’t at fault – they simply have yet to understand what must be done for this deeper healing to take place.

Imagine running a very large voltage of energy through old tattered wires that can’t hold the charge? It might handle it for a little while. But sooner or later, it’ll blow.

The human system is no different.

If the early nervous system foundations weren’t built well and have a limited capacity for intensity, a person must first work on building up this internal capacity. When this occurs, they can then process the fight, flight and freeze survival instincts, without going into more overwhelm, or shutdown.

Way too often people go into advanced practices like mindfulness, meditation, yoga and various forms of energy work that allow for big energies to move through the system, but they don’t do the groundwork of first increasing their capacity and so they, essentially, blow up.

On top of this, the big survival energies get stored with a lot of sensation and emotion. But, if a person didn’t grow the capacity to handle them in earlier years, which is pretty much the norm when there’s been toxic stress and adversity, we store them up and they wait until there is capacity for them to release.

The “storing up” of emotions and sensations IS part of this root issue: these survival energies create massive backup in the human nervous system and from this disease and illness grows.

This goes back to what I wrote above earlier: time does not heal these wounds – the body keeps them, even until we die, if we don’t actively work to release it all.

Unfortunately, there are many programs and protocols that are trying to provide that quick fix by skipping these primary steps of capacity building. While these primary steps are less glamourous to work with, they are foundational and absolutely necessary if a person is to ever fully rewire the old patterns that are no longer needed. In such cases, the signs and symptoms are treated, but the root cause is never addressed.

And just as giving headache medication to someone dying from a bacterial infection is bad standard of care – so is not addressing early trauma, nervous system health and putting into practice proper neuroplastic sequencing when someone wants to heal tricky to treat chronic illnesses.

I’m here, writing this to you to tell you that this doesn’t have to happen anymore.

This knowledge and the practices that I’ve created are the antibacterial equivalent to infection when it comes to healing from early adversities.


*This list is from the book, Scared Sick – The role of Childhood Trauma in Adult Disease and Karr-Morse’s reference is from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “Overweight and Obesity: 2005.”

**If you are reading this and you know that your primary caretaker was not healthy, mentally stable and able to soothe themselves, then this poses another conundrum for the child. The child has no other option but to borrow and mimic what they learn from the caregiver and learn this way of self-regulation. This is a very simple way to explain how traits are passed along in families when it comes to a personality, how a person holds themselves, the facial gestures they make and even yes, how illnesses appear to be “genetic.”

Thursday, March 29, 2018

SHAMAN'S DRUM excerpt ch. 4

“On all seven paths of transformation, every fragment of truth that is retrieved and every piece of awareness that is remembered, reshapes our perception of our human identity.  The seven sacred paths are our journey home to our authentic spiritual identities and our divine connection to the Great Mystery”.

Jamie Sams, Dancing the Dream 

Awakening refers to the retrieval of the fragmented soul consciousness. Retrieving the lost soul fragments creates wholeness and an awakened spirit that is fully inside the physical body.  As we heal and retrieve forgotten parts of our human potential, we can then develop our gifts and become fully conscious and aware of the Oneness and interconnection of all that is.  The awakening occurs when we decide to become whole and is a process of spiritual growth that begins the healing journey in search of wellbeing and our full human potential. When we heal our past wounds and dysfunctional behaviors, we begin to move beyond the veils of limiting beliefs held in our consciousness that prevented us from being whole spiritual human beings.  We begin to discover our lost gifts and our divine purpose for living. The layers of separation prevent us from remembering our connection to Creator. 

Our Aura is made up of energetic threads that are connected to all our experiences; it is formed in layers around our body. Every experience we have had since birth and in past lives creates an energetic egg-shaped aura connected to each chakra that runs along our spine from the top of our head to the bottom of our feet. Each of the chakras, or energy pathways has its own qualities.  The Mayans refer to this as being like an onion, our challenge is to peel away the layers of the illusion that keep us in the consciousness of separation. .....

Thursday, March 8, 2018

SHAMAN'S DRUM excerpt. Ch 1

Ch 1 Excerpt SHAMANIC HEALING from SHAMAN'S DRUM By Caroline Dawley

Healing is a pathway that begins within ourselves. Learning our own patterns of imbalance and healing ourselves is the path of the Shaman. Shamanism is an ancient spiritual practice of the Indigenous Medicine People.  More people are experiencing healing, transformation and awakening during Soul Retrieval Journeying; a healing practice that heals you after journeying to discover your original wound. Journeying to the sound of the Drum takes you beyond the veils of illusion where you travel to retrieve you lost soul part. Soul Retrieval heals your past, reclaiming your divine blueprint. 

Discovering ancient shamanic practices while journeying into the Dream World, you awaken your Dream and manifest the divine blueprint of your oversoul. Connecting with your spirit guide, with your higher-self, you learn once again to walk in the wisdom of innocence and joy.  You open the eyes of your Heart and once again live life fully, seeing life and all its beauty, you will reclaim your highest reality.

Shamanism reconnects you to our roots found in nature and connects us with our higher consciousness.  You will become one with nature and committed to the Oneness of humanity and creation.  Healing and restoring within yourself and others is the Shamanic Pathway of Spiritual Awakening. The Path of Shamanism expands our awareness and provides inner journeys where we access hidden worlds and dimensions with sources of wisdom and power for healing ourselves and the planet. We will rediscover ourselves, our indigenous Heart, reconnecting with our spirit guides, spirit teachers, our ancestors and power animals.  As we enter the field of the visionary and see nature through the eyes of our heart, we explore our illness, trauma, and healing through the Wisdom of Indigenous Spiritual Medicine. Available on amazon books - link:                         

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Announcing my newest Book release: SHAMAN'S DRUM  Authored by Caroline Dawley

Shaman's Drum




Heal the Root cause of Trauma, Anxiety, PTSD, Feelings of Abandonment, Feeling Lost

Reclaim your Lost Soul and Integrate with the  Light, Freeing you to find Life’s Meaning

Learn to work with the Oneness of life; with Source, Spirit Animals, Guides, and Allies

Become One with the Oneness of Humanity and Higher Consciousness of Love

Go inside, into the Light, find your Passion for Life and share this with the World.

SHAMAN'S DRUM by Caroline Dawley Book Release

Announcing my newest book release:  SHAMAN'S DRUM, Authored by Caroline Dawley